Morey Mansion


  • A mansion build in 1890's by it's owners David and Sarah Morey who died there, but their spirits claims to still be there.


  • Mysterious noises and smells in the attic
  • Orbs in the Billard room as well as feeling dizzy and claustrophobic in the billard room
  • a spirit haunting the blue room (former master bedroom) and the doors open and closing
  • Stairwell of noises and apparitions


  • A small door in the blue room to where the pipes and wires opened after Riley closed it where it lock in place with no one there to open it, and the EMF going crazy around it.
  • The fan moving without power to make it move.
    • There was a vent near it that might of blown air to make it move.
  • While investigating the billards room, Jackie all of the sudden felt dizzy and sick just staying in there as if something was around her, and the camera caught an orb in the top hand corner.
  • Hot spot found on the thermal camera on one area of the railing but when touch it feels cold.
  • Innitials S.M. on the mirror for Sarah Morey, and when look through the thermal camera shows small hot spots that looks like it could link together into the innitials.
  • Sam took pictures of the mirror where the initials was and got a picture of the SM again.
    • It seem like the ghost were communitcating to them that way.



  • Haunted


  • Haunted


  • Haunted


  • Haunted


  • Not Haunted
  • (4/5) Haunted
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